How to Earn Partner Points
With so many ways to earn points, your balance grows quickly. Our interactive Partner Program website makes submitting and keeping track of your points easier than ever.

Selling your first Viessmann boiler or solar collector

To welcome you to the Partner Program, we credit your account 100 bonus points for your first eligible sale – on top of the points you earn for the sale itself.
  • 100 bonus points on your first sale

Selling boilers, tanks and solar collectors

Each eligible sale can quickly build your points balance.
  • 5 to 100 points per installation *

Claim your Partner Points!

You can now claim your Partner Points online! Simply login to your account and complete the online claim forms.

Need help logging in or completing your forms? Contact us toll-free at (800) 288-0667 or by email at

* See Installations claim form or Rules and Regulations for more information.
** See Internet Links claim form or Rules and Regulations for more information.
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